Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Is an engagement in the works? That would depend on Rica’s answer. As for the question, Kuya already took care of it, among other things. He posed an additional challenge to Rob: to propose marriage to his pseudo-partner, Rica. Inside the confession room, Kuya had Rob approve his chosen engagement ring. The Fil-Austrian practiced his serenade as well, accompanying himself with an acoustic guitar as he sang the heart-warming “Grow Old with You”

This plan was actually a part of their double up task but Rica don't know anything about this plan. Big brother really planned this so that a gay like Rica could feel what is the feeling of getting married although it is impossible to his/her part. He is pseudo-male/female that's why he would be very surprised when the proposal will happen.

I imagine the faces of the housemates as very much shocked. A boy will proposed a wedding to a gay? what a situation. This task will help them all to realize what real partners could be if they are both male or female.

watch this task tonight!
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