Monday, October 19, 2009

It is the first nomination for the season!though it will not be the first time that the housemates will experience loss, it is their first time to say goodbye through peer nomination and public votation. Try as they might, they can't no longer turn blind eye to reality that this is a game. A game that will produce loosers and one big winner.

The hot air starts to burst as they have percieved that they couldn't trust everybody. Show the world that you are the best and they will count on you.

The nominees are Jimson who have gave up to the task of Kuya, Carol who was unliked because of demure outlook and so religious being, Jason who have been voted beause of tardiness and "bahala-na-attitude" and Princess who have shown the mean side of her, "palaban" and fault finder.

It's up to the viewers who will remain standing and will have the chance to say lonegr and proove that they are worthy to stay.

vote everyone!


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