Monday, October 26, 2009

The first eviction of the season had Jimson packing his bags. He seemed at peace with the result, and had spent time preparing for his exit by sharing his last moments with his wife. Kath, though tearful, decided to stick it out in the house and convinced herself to find comfort in her PBB family. More than just losing a housemate, House B took the loss as another major blow on their house. Yhel cried over it, feeling that it was always their house on the losing end. The continuous loss has taken its toll on their self-esteem, and has them feeling like losers.

House A, on the other hand, celebrated their complete team and though they sympathized with their neighbors, they felt that House B should exert more effort if they wanted to win. Jason shed happy tears and shared that this was the only time that he was able to say that he was truly happy. Princess felt relieved and loved after being saved from the first eviction, but to everyone’s dismay, this did not last long enough.

For this week, Princess was automatically nominated for eviction. She had committed a major violation, one on talking about the nominations. Though she could have been saved by her housemates by performing a task, she took matters into her own hands and chose to exit the house instead. Her second nomination made her rethink her reasons for being in the house. “I feel it’s not my game,” she told Kuya. Princess felt that she should be fixing her life outside, and that being inside the house has cost her precious time already. She experienced a reverse culture shock, and she did not want to reach that point where she won’t be able to recognize who she had become. Her housemates tried to give her a pep talk, telling her that they appreciated her care and concern for them. Yet, after listening to her reasons, they too chose to simply support her decision and give her strength by standing by her. Likewise, Kuya respected her choice and opened the doors towards the outside world.

Given her quick exit, no one was able to welcome her out, save for Toni. Princess was shown a video of her short stay, and though teary-eyed, it was obvious that she did not regret her decision to leave. “I’ll be fine. Hopefully, nothing will change, lalo na ‘yung pagmamahal sa akin ng family and friends.”

Will her slot be filled by another housemate? Is it a returning housemate or an entirely new face? How will Tom take the news of her exit? Be updated! Check out the blogs, mobile news, news articles and tv updates daily!


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