Monday, October 5, 2009

The two double up twins are Toffi and Kenny, Jm and Jp. These 2 pairs have been given by Big Brother their first task. They will enter the two different houses separately as twins. After few hours of getting to know session with their other respective housemates. Kuya called the both pairs and are task again to exchange position and their pants and shirts. They will act as if they were the normal ones. (jp as jm, jm as jp, kenny as toffi, and toffi as kenny) if one or more housemates will know their secret. They will be punished with forced eviction.

Last nights episode, after the exchange of the twins, this girl from Gensan noticed that the toffi and jm are not those one's that they have met. (in short-they noticed the exchange and bet that they were twins and was separated)

Poor twins, only girls can't be fooled and especially the girl from Gensan.

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mark™ said...

how poor!

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