Saturday, October 24, 2009

“Mariah Carey’s song ‘Standing O’ sounds similar to 2NE1’s ‘In The Club,’ which was released 3 months prior. There are 8 lines (24 seconds) that sound similar and, with the repetition of the particular selection, the song contains a total of 1 minute’s worth of material that sounds similar. Basically: Mariah Carey’s song sounds familiar too but nobody’s mentioned it, we haven’t heard your music, these false accusations have hurt us. Hm.. seeing as YG is hardly the type to roll over and play dead, I’m not surprised/somewhat impressed with his boldness. What do you think of his comeback? Listen to Mariah Carey’s suspiciously-familiar-sounding song “Standing O”


mark™ said...

i have heard the music of mariah and as an avid fan of 2ne1, it really sounds similar.its intro.

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