Monday, October 26, 2009

Jimson says goodbye and everyone prepares for a Big Brother Swap
All four nominees were at the edge of their seats as they waited for the final vote that decided their fate. First to breathe easy was Princess, and Jason did not have to wait long for his own sigh of relief. No more tears for Carol, who could not help but flash a big smile at the announcement of her extended time as housemate.

Unfortunately, no such luck was meant for Jimson. His fate, it seemed, was to be the first one out of Kuya’s house for this season. His constant arguing with wife Kath was getting old, and their marital conflicts were better suited for the confines of their own home. Jimson remained dry-eyed at the announcement, apparently ready to accept his fate. Kath, on the other hand, tried in vain to keep her tears at bay, and it was Jimson who had to reassure her. With one last kiss, Jimson kept his goodbyes quick, opting not to prolong the inevitable.

On his return to the outside world, Jimson was welcomed by his only son and his mom, Pilar. He immediately carried his son, who clung to him tightly. He was presented with a video that highlighted the memories that were formed, despite his short stay. His final message to his wife was short and to the point, but probably all that was needed: “I love you.”

Tomorrow, four or more housemates will feel the tension of being nominated for eviction. Who will these be? More exciting, though, is the upcoming Big Brother Swap! What country – Africa, India, Finland, Serbia or Spain – will PBB swap housemates with? Which lucky housemate will have a Big Brother experience abroad? The controversies and excitement of the past week is just the beginning. Keep updated and watch PBB Double Up!


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