Wednesday, October 28, 2009

"Blaming others entails passing your mistake to another person but if you are caught in the act, you can't blame others for it it is you who commits mistake!"

Unfortunately, House A girls fail their task after Paul Jake himself caught them sneakily opening House B boys’ bedroom; so they end up getting Rob as their new housemate, instead of the former lad who is actually their first choice. And in order to obtain their new member, Yuri and Patria are asked to go over the other house the following morning; they are actually requested to put 2 kiss marks on Rob’s face as they finally ask him to pack his things up.

In exchange for their new male housemate, House A is also required to let one of their own go. Incidentally, House B has finally chosen Carol to take Rob’s place in their household, so Paul Jake and Tibo drop by their neighboring house to pick her up right after Rob bid them goodbye.

Upon Carol’s departure, her former housemates couldn’t help but talk about her, and her noticeable attraction towards Hermes, while they are busy finishing their weekly task. And surprisingly, the said casual conversation ends up striking another major violation inside Big Brother’s House.

The one who committed the said violation is no other than Yhel. Unfortunately, she somehow joked about nominating Hermes for eviction, which immediately caught Big Brother’s attention. Since this is already her third major offense, Big Brother finally takes serious actions regarding the matter; sadly, Yhel has to face a forced eviction as a consequence of her so called carelessness.


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