Wednesday, October 28, 2009

"Blaming others entails passing your mistake to another person but if you are caught in the act, you can't blame others for it it is you who commits mistake!"

Unfortunately, House A girls fail their task after Paul Jake himself caught them sneakily opening House B boys’ bedroom; so they end up getting Rob as their new housemate, instead of the former lad who is actually their first choice. And in order to obtain their new member, Yuri and Patria are asked to go over the other house the following morning; they are actually requested to put 2 kiss marks on Rob’s face as they finally ask him to pack his things up.

In exchange for their new male housemate, House A is also required to let one of their own go. Incidentally, House B has finally chosen Carol to take Rob’s place in their household, so Paul Jake and Tibo drop by their neighboring house to pick her up right after Rob bid them goodbye.

Upon Carol’s departure, her former housemates couldn’t help but talk about her, and her noticeable attraction towards Hermes, while they are busy finishing their weekly task. And surprisingly, the said casual conversation ends up striking another major violation inside Big Brother’s House.

The one who committed the said violation is no other than Yhel. Unfortunately, she somehow joked about nominating Hermes for eviction, which immediately caught Big Brother’s attention. Since this is already her third major offense, Big Brother finally takes serious actions regarding the matter; sadly, Yhel has to face a forced eviction as a consequence of her so called carelessness.

Monday, October 26, 2009

The Sonsorol Tribe is down to the Final 6.
Who will make it through. Find out!
3 weeks to go.

Probinsyanang Tisay
who was seen with bold strength not only in there challenges but also in eliminating opponents.

The girl next door
who was once a weakling but now turned into a bamboo like survivor.
Be ware with her techniques.

The trans-gender beauty queen.
who proved herself by winstanding every challenge and opponent.

The businessman.
who is also a great contender and considered strong.
the Hot chef.
who spiced the group with her techniques in manipulating votes against the boys.
whose her next victim?

the Hot daddy.
whose the strongest when comes with challenges since the start of the game.
His great contender are all the sonsorol members.
you are next!

It was just yesterday that Carol was able to breathe a sigh of relief after hearing that she was safe from eviction. She believed that many did vote for her, and she expressed her gratefulness for their support. Little did she know that she would be calling on this support yet again, as she joins the list of nominees for the second time. Her inability to control her emotions proved to be her downfall, as it came to the point that she allowed this to rule her actions. The other housemates viewed this as a sign of immaturity, something that had already caused friction within the house. The tension between her and Hermes was a concrete example of this. Carol seems to be growing up, though, as she accepted her second nomination with a smile, a total shift from last week’s tears.

Yhel and Marielle were given an automatic nomination by Kuya. Like Princess, they committed a major violation about discussing the nominations. Marielle casually told Yhel about not voting for someone, and Yhel made the mistake of repeating this information to someone else. Their housemates were informed of this and were given the chance to perform a task in exchange for the safety of one of them. Finally, House B was successful in their task, and they chose to save Marielle, leaving Yhel with the automatic nomination. This action was overturned by the housemates themselves, as their votes led to Marielle being nominated anyway. They felt that she had committed too many violations, even involving Yhel in the process. With her tough personality, they also believed she would be able to handle the stress of the nomination with ease. For their last words, both remained perky as they asked for another chance to show what they have to offer.

Tibo was, surprisingly, part of the list of nominees. Aside from the fact that his housemates felt he would rather be with his family, his change of decision regarding last week’s task was what cost him points. Delio was also nominated. Apparently, Princess was not the only one who felt his tough act was getting old. Quite a number of the housemates felt that he was difficult to talk to, being too self-righteous and egoistic by refusing to consider the opinions of others. Both housemates remained calm upon hearing their fate, believing that everyone had to experience it at some point. They kept their message short and sweet, both asking for support from their kababayans and sending an “I love you” to their respective families.

The polls are now open to receive your votes! Who do you think deserves another shot within the house? Make your vote count by texting BB and sending it to 2331 for Globe, TM, Sun Cellular and Bayan Wireless Landline users or 231 for Smart and Talk n Text subscribers. You may also cast your vote online by logging on to

Stay tuned as more revelations come your way this week. Watch out for the Big Swap, the weekly task, and the second evictee of the season!

The first eviction of the season had Jimson packing his bags. He seemed at peace with the result, and had spent time preparing for his exit by sharing his last moments with his wife. Kath, though tearful, decided to stick it out in the house and convinced herself to find comfort in her PBB family. More than just losing a housemate, House B took the loss as another major blow on their house. Yhel cried over it, feeling that it was always their house on the losing end. The continuous loss has taken its toll on their self-esteem, and has them feeling like losers.

House A, on the other hand, celebrated their complete team and though they sympathized with their neighbors, they felt that House B should exert more effort if they wanted to win. Jason shed happy tears and shared that this was the only time that he was able to say that he was truly happy. Princess felt relieved and loved after being saved from the first eviction, but to everyone’s dismay, this did not last long enough.

For this week, Princess was automatically nominated for eviction. She had committed a major violation, one on talking about the nominations. Though she could have been saved by her housemates by performing a task, she took matters into her own hands and chose to exit the house instead. Her second nomination made her rethink her reasons for being in the house. “I feel it’s not my game,” she told Kuya. Princess felt that she should be fixing her life outside, and that being inside the house has cost her precious time already. She experienced a reverse culture shock, and she did not want to reach that point where she won’t be able to recognize who she had become. Her housemates tried to give her a pep talk, telling her that they appreciated her care and concern for them. Yet, after listening to her reasons, they too chose to simply support her decision and give her strength by standing by her. Likewise, Kuya respected her choice and opened the doors towards the outside world.

Given her quick exit, no one was able to welcome her out, save for Toni. Princess was shown a video of her short stay, and though teary-eyed, it was obvious that she did not regret her decision to leave. “I’ll be fine. Hopefully, nothing will change, lalo na ‘yung pagmamahal sa akin ng family and friends.”

Will her slot be filled by another housemate? Is it a returning housemate or an entirely new face? How will Tom take the news of her exit? Be updated! Check out the blogs, mobile news, news articles and tv updates daily!

Jimson says goodbye and everyone prepares for a Big Brother Swap
All four nominees were at the edge of their seats as they waited for the final vote that decided their fate. First to breathe easy was Princess, and Jason did not have to wait long for his own sigh of relief. No more tears for Carol, who could not help but flash a big smile at the announcement of her extended time as housemate.

Unfortunately, no such luck was meant for Jimson. His fate, it seemed, was to be the first one out of Kuya’s house for this season. His constant arguing with wife Kath was getting old, and their marital conflicts were better suited for the confines of their own home. Jimson remained dry-eyed at the announcement, apparently ready to accept his fate. Kath, on the other hand, tried in vain to keep her tears at bay, and it was Jimson who had to reassure her. With one last kiss, Jimson kept his goodbyes quick, opting not to prolong the inevitable.

On his return to the outside world, Jimson was welcomed by his only son and his mom, Pilar. He immediately carried his son, who clung to him tightly. He was presented with a video that highlighted the memories that were formed, despite his short stay. His final message to his wife was short and to the point, but probably all that was needed: “I love you.”

Tomorrow, four or more housemates will feel the tension of being nominated for eviction. Who will these be? More exciting, though, is the upcoming Big Brother Swap! What country – Africa, India, Finland, Serbia or Spain – will PBB swap housemates with? Which lucky housemate will have a Big Brother experience abroad? The controversies and excitement of the past week is just the beginning. Keep updated and watch PBB Double Up!