Saturday, October 24, 2009

The night before the performance day, Big Brother speaks with the housemates regarding their corresponding costumes for their fan-dance presentation. On the said conversation, some housemates remain firm with their decision, while others end up changing their minds after hearing what their families have to say.

When the day that all the housemates have been waiting for finally arrived, most of them are surprised to discover that their expected cumulative points enormously decreased. From their estimated 430 points, House A ended up having a final count of 350 due to certain circumstances. But despite their dismay, they decide to push through with what they have left anyway.

In contrast, upon learning that their still unidentified housemates have had a change of heart, House B finally decides to let go of all their inhibitions for the sake of their team. They all agree to wear skin-toned body stockings with only the basic 100 points to spare. With House A’s 350 points versus House B’s 100, could the latter beat the odds of this friendly competition?


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